Money market funds have steadily been gaining popularity in Kenya as their high interest rates make them an attractive investment. There are various funds in Kenya, but Money Market funds stand out due to their short-term commitment compared to other funds.

One of the recent entrants into the Money Market Fund space is Mali Unit Trust.

Mali Unit Trust, one of Safaricom’s investment products, is a form of investment fund that pools money from several participants to purchase a wide range of assets.

Unit trusts are currently experiencing a stable expansion in Kenya. Compared to other forms of investment such as real estate, bank savings, and shares, unit trusts now have a modest market share in Kenya.

Unit trusts have grown in popularity in recent years, and an increasing number of Kenyans are realizing the benefits of investing in them.

According to a recent Capital Markets Authority (CMA) report, the total assets under management in Kenya’s unit trust industry are estimated to be around KSh 50 billion (approximately USD 500 million), with CIC Asset Management Limited leading the way with a total market share of 38.87%, indicating a growing interest in unit trusts among Kenyan investors.

Mali Unit Trust is intended to allow investors to participate in the growth of their funds through a diverse range of investments. The portfolio may contain a combination of stocks, bonds, and other types of investments chosen to match with the fund’s goals.

Despite being approved by the CMA, Mali Investment Fund is still relatively young and has yet to find traction in the Kenyan market. To open an account, you must be at least 18 years old and have used M-Pesa for at least 3 months. Anyone with parental authorization, on the other hand, may open and manage an account on behalf of a minor.

Investing in Mali Unit Trust with Safaricom is simple, as it can be done using the M-Pesa mobile banking platform or by dialing the USSD code *230#. You can earn daily income on your investment with as little as KSh 100. As a result, it is available to a broad spectrum of investors, including individuals who may not have access to standard investing options.

Mali provides a 10% yearly interest rate in order to attract more investors, making it an extremely profitable investment among its competitors, since the market average rate is between 8.5% and 10% per annum.

Investing in a unit trust entails risk, and it is critical to conduct thorough research and comprehend the nature of the fund as well as the dangers involved before making any investment decisions.

Before making any investment decisions, it’s also a good idea to consult with a financial advisor who can provide helpful advice and recommendations depending on your specific financial circumstances and investment goals. Finally, investment takes critical thought and should be approached with caution.