This is what it will cost you to venture into flower farming

Flower farming is one of the largest contributors to livelihoods in Kenya. According to the 2020 KNBS Economic Survey, export earnings from cut flowers increased by 3.2 per cent to KSh 107.5 billion in 2020 and accounted for 71.6 per cent of total fresh horticulture export earnings. The flower export industry is Kenya’s second largest foreign exchange earner after tea, at a staggering figure of $1 billion. These high export earnings from cut flowers are attributed to better prices offered in the export market. This goes to show that flower farming could be a thriving business venture although capital intensive. So, what…

  • This is what it will cost you to venture into flower farming

    Kenya’s main source of edible oils Kenya largely imports vegetable oil and Crude Palm Oil (CPO) from Malaysia and Indonesia. However, a number of cooking oils and fats are processed in Kenya, including palm, sunflower, copra and corn oil. Locally, edible oil manufacturers have invested approximately Kshs1.48 trillion ($12.7 billion) into the industry since 2014 as part of efforts to increase local manufacturing and decrease the import bill for raw inputs, which is estimated to be Kshs4.09 billion ($35 million) annually. Of the sector’s predominant imports, crude palm oil is imported from Malaysia and Indonesia, while crude sunflower oil is…

    How to write a simple will and why you need one even if you are not rich

    There’s a common misconception that you only need a will if you are wealthy, that only stodgy old millionaires with substantial assets and estates have wills. Well, that notion is wrong. Everybody needs a will, even if you don’t own private jets, buildings or hundreds of acres of land. Penninah Naisiae Simiren a Public Policy Manager says a will is for anyone who owns something including your own body. “In your will, you can always dictate how you want to be buried. It’s not just for how you want to distribute your property, but even wishes for your burial. So,…

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