10 places to visit this Valentine’s Day

Spice up your Valentine’s Day for you and your loved one by spending time at these places.

How to make Valentine’s Day fun and special on a budget

For some, February 14 may be just another Sunday, but for others, it is a chance to spoil their loved ones. But so many people are on a tight budget these days. Here are a few ideas to make your money stretch far enough to make it a special day.

Kagwe Mungai: On gaining fame and making money

Afro pop musician Kagwe Mungai has enjoyed a career that spans over seven years in the music industry. He has collaborated with many musicians as a singer, songwriter and producer and along the way, learnt valuable lessons that inform his craft.

What 105% mortgage financing means for you

Homeownership is a dream that for many Kenyans, is shrouded by financial problems. It often requires a lot of savings or choosing a home loan to make this dream a reality. Here’s what 105% mortgage financing means for people seeking to build their own homes.

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