Prices of commodities have continued to rise by the day thanks to the high inflation. However, despite the increase in cost of living, needs remain a constant.

There are various ways to get a good deal or discount and save some coins, such as buying from wholesalers, leveraging on offers and discounts among others, but now you can buy directly from the source of the products, their manufacturers.

Initially it wasn’t easy to buy products from the manufacturers unless one is buying in wholesale, however more manufactures are now opening up their doors to retail customers.

Here are the benefits of buying directly from the manufacturer.  

You are assured of buying quality genuine products. Many consumers fall victim to counterfeit as they try to buy products at cheaper prices. Buying from the source guarantees you quality and a good price especially when purchasing dry foods and home detergents.

Secondly, you are likely to get a better price offer buying from the manufacturer as you’ll be cutting out the “middle man” such as wholesalers, retailers who buy the products at low prices but add up their own mark ups.

Thanks   to the internet and social media has made product manufacturers more accessible. Initially they only dealt with wholesalers and retailers.

Now most product manufacturers have e-shops on their websites and one can easily order their products online with some even offering free delivery. Farmers Choice, Megaduka, and Astonish are among producers whom you can buy their products directly from to save some money.