It’s official. After years of endless speculation and anticipation about the possibility of a reunion or a reboot, the Friends reunion, titled “The One Where They Get Back Together”, is here.

From the moment the last episode aired, when the six friends all left their keys at Monica’s apartment for the last time, fans of the beloved show have been counting down the days to the reunion special.

The six mega stars; Jennifer Anniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry are back for Friends: The Reunion and will reunite on the show’s original soundstage, on the same set to honor the sitcom’s 25th anniversary.

Not a reboot

It’s been years since the stars all sat down for an interview and this will be the first time they will be back on screen together since the show wrapped up in 2004. This is exciting for big Friends fans as they get to watch their favourite actors reminisce about the show and the impact it has had on millions of people around the world in a talk show format. Clearly, they were just on a break.

The cast will simply appear as themselves and will not be portraying any of their original characters.

The official trailer shows the cast revisiting key sets like Joey and Chandler’s apartment and reclining on the BarcaLounger chairs, re-reading their lines and re-enacting the trivia game scene at Monica’s apartment. They later join television host James Corden for a sit down interview.

The trailer also reveals some snippets of candid moments among the actors that show the stars are truly best friends in real life. “I love you guys so much,” one of the actors says in a group hug.

The reunion was initially slated to start filming in March last year but was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Get your tissue box ready

The trailer also shows some emotional scenes with Courtney Cox wiping tears from her face and Matthew Perry saying “I’m going to cry now.” After all, the show ran for 10 years with 236 episodes full of laughter and emotional experiences like when Monica and Chandler left the city to start a new life with their newborn twins, when Emily broke up with Ross or when Phoebe said goodbye to the triplets.

Celebrity guest appearances

The one-off special will include some favourite guest appearances from Tom Selleck, who played the role of Richard Burke, Maggie Wheeler who played Janice, Elliot Gould and Christina Pickles who played Jack and Judy Gellar, Larry Hankin as Mr Heckles and of course James Michael Tyler, who played Gunther. Unfortunately, Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, Paul Rudd and Danny DeVito will not be at the reunion.

Where to watch

In anticipation of the reunion, the actors have posted the teaser trailer as fans gear up to watch the Special. The show will premiere on M-Net exclusive to DStv on Sunday 30th at 20:00 and will also be available on Showmax from Monday, 31 May 2021.

Could we BE any more excited?