You will now be able to claim your motor insurance if you incur an accident after curfew hours. According to a notice issued by the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) driving past curfew hours does not warrant insurance companies to reject motor vehicles claims on the basis of timing.

The statement from the insurance regulator comes after numerous complaints from claimants following a notice by the Association of Kenya Professional Insurance Agents stating that driving past curfew hours will invalidate the motor insurance claim if one is not an essential worker or the situation is not of an emergency nature.

The notice said:

“Insurance companies/agencies/brokers, would like to inform you that driving past curfew hours without essential services authorization or valid emergency reasons could render your motor insurance claim invalid. Please avoid driving past 8:00PM/curfew hours as ordered by government and adhere to all other GOK/ MOH COVID-19 guidelines. Kindly contact your insurance company/agent/broker for any further clarification or information,”

The regulator, in the statement clarifies that “As per the approved and standardized motor insurance policy documents, driving past and during curfew hours is not an exclusion in the current motor vehicle insurance covers. As such, insurance companies cannot reject motor vehicle claims on the basis of timing.”

It also stated that the motor vehicle insurance which came to effect on 1st February 2012 still remains as the approved document for use by all companies transacting motor vehicle insurance.  

Most local insurance companies offer different levels of motor vehicle insurance covers which are priced differently. You’ve probably heard one being asked about their cover and whether it’s comprehensive or third-party.

It is therefore important to understand the difference among these types of covers before you buy one.

To break it down, here are the three different types of motor insurance covers companies such as Resolution Insurance offer.

In case of an accident, fire or an incident where you will need to make an insurance claim, here a few steps to make the process easy.

First, report the incident to a police nearby or visit a police station immediately. This ensures that the incident is on record, and will give way for investigations if need be. This also comes in handy especially in an instant where an accident occurred as the police are able to assess the situation objectively.

Make sure to collect as much evidence as you can, this includes photos of the scene. In case of an accident involving another car, others take photos of the car, the number plate and insurance sticker on the vehicle’s windscreen. Collect any information that might help to support and substantiate your insurance claim. Also remember to inform your insurance company or agent about the current situation before leaving the scene.

Get the insurance claim form from your insurer and fill in every detail, it is also recommended that you seek the help of your insurer or agent to make sure you have given every detail and attach the police abstract form while submitting.

Be cooperative. Yes, you have reported the matter to the police station and followed the due process, but, insurance companies sometimes assign an investigator to assess the situation. Cooperate with them and give them details they need that can help them support your claim.

Despite the fact that people can make their claims regardless of the time of the accident, the regulator has also cautioned Kenyans to observe the Covid-19 protocols and keep an eye on industry players to ensure they are also compliant.