Advances in technology and the rapid changes experienced over the past two years have provoked conversations on the need for the youth to acquire a range of skills to improve their employability and entrepreneurship abilities. That’s why the theme for World Youth Skills Day this year was “Transforming Youth Skills for The Future”.

In this digital age, access to information has improved, and one can easily gain a new skill online that can benefit them financially. Here are skills that you can learn today.


If you own a DSLR camera and have no idea how to use it, there are numerous tutorials on various sites, such as YouTube, on perfecting pictures. Watching these videos and reading articles can improve your photography skills.

In an age where many people have phone access, phone photography is also a new way to make extra money. Learning your phone camera’s settings to take good quality pictures.

You can use these skills to earn money by taking portraits, covering events, or doing photography for businesses and products. If you are passionate and have the equipment, this is your time to take the chance. Here is a course you can take to improve your photography:

Culinary Skills

There are different sites, such as and, where you can learn how to cook or bake. You could use these skills to earn money – if you have spare time and the right equipment. Nevertheless, if you can’t use these skills to make money, you could cook for yourself and your family and reduce the money you spend on take-out. You can improve your cooking skills today by starting here:  

Digital Marketing

Most businesses are seeking an online presence. This makes it essential to have digital marketing skills that will enable you to understand online marketing and how to interact with audiences. Getting a course that offers these skills online for free, and beginning your digital marketing journey, is easy. For example, Google has the Google Analytics certification for those seeking entry-level training. Such courses will enable you to approach brands online, and with certification, you have the upper hand compared to those not certified. There are various free courses on digital marketing online such as

Learning a second Language

Learning a second language can make you a viable candidate when looking for a job or if you’re interacting with different nationalities. You can easily access learning materials with multiple applications and websites like Duolingo and, offering classes in several languages. With the world becoming a global village and people of different cultures interacting physically and online, this is the time to learn a new language. Moreover, you can use your language skills for telephone or online customer service jobs from which you can earn money. One of the best platforms to learn a new language is


Transcription is listening to audio files and typing what you hear. Different fields of work require transcription. It is a skill that one can learn by looking at the various formats needed, improving listening skills, and paying attention to detail. There are many sites online, for example, Udemy and Skillshare, where one can learn transcription and get tasks to transcribe.


Coding is the use of computer programming language to give computers instructions. Coding helps people understand technology and data; thus, many organisations use coding to assess data. One of the sites you can learn how to code is

In this information age, learning skills online and making money is easy. Hopefully, you will find a skill that you are interested in learning that will be beneficial.