Moms are unquestionably the best and they deserve the best every day. Whether it’s the woman who birthed you or the one who has always loved you like a mother. But on this Mother’s Day, it’s time to go all out with meaningful Mother’s Day gifts to express just how much you appreciate her. This is why we have rounded up a few thoughtful, affordable and practical gifts for moms that are certain to bring a smile to their faces this Mother’s Day.


 If you are part of a family where there are small children or small siblings, one way you can make Mother’s Day more relaxing is by babysitting the younger kids so mom has time to herself and doesn’t have to fret all day caring for their needs. Small kids can be a handful so helping out with this responsibility can be helpful.


Part of nurturing others is feeding them and moms always ensure the family is fed, food is available and meals are prepared at the right time. So why not take the burden off her this Mother’s Day and prepare breakfast, lunch, or dinner (or maybe all of them) and show your nurturing spirit towards her. But if you’re no Gordon Ramsey in the Kitchen, don’t put her through that in the name of a home-cooked meal, even her favorite takeout is still a kind gesture.

Home spa day

After endless days of being a superwoman, looking after the home, chasing after children, tending to her partner, or being the breadwinner, mom deserves a day of pampering and relaxation. In that case, why not give her a home spa experience that she will never forget; a foot and/or back massage, hot foot soaks, homemade facials made from common kitchen ingredients, or a simple manicure and pedicure. These can all bring serenity to her this Mother’s Day.  

Service her car

This one is targeted to the partners. If you know the mother of your children has car troubles and hasn’t gotten around to fixing them, why not relieve this burden for her and ensure her car is up to code, and of course foot the bill while you are at it. By doing this you take a load off her and also ensure her safety, showing you care.

Do the chores she hates

I bet mom also wishes that someone would pick up after her or a magical godmother would wave her wand around and the dishes or the clothes would be washed as she lounges and watches Netflix the whole day. But that is not the case. So why not be the magical errand person who makes those wishes possible. Offer to undertake the duties she normally does, such as housecleaning, and laundry, and then send her out to read a good book or binge her favorite DStv show.