The retail sector in Kenya is benefiting from a rising middle-class purchasing power, robust macroeconomic growth and a surge of investment in high-end formal retail space, with a host of foreign retailers, brands and producers entering the market.       

And with these developments, customers now demand that retail stores be more than just transactional venues but also avenues in which they can have special or better experience. This means shopper’s experience can no longer be ignored, and this explains the investment some of the retailers are making.

According to the latest report by Ajua, an African firm that capturers and focuses on customer experience notes that more retailers are focused on providing a higher shoppers experience apart from selling goods and services.       

Here are some of the area’s retailers are keen on to ensure customer loyalty.

Discounts and offers

After the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of Kenyans were affected economically, making most of them to budget downwards. For instance, 28 per cent of Kenyans are keen on the price of goods they are buying than the brand loyalty like before. This has led to many retail outlets giving discounts, flash sales or free delivery services, to woo consumers.

Customer Service or experience

Many outlets are investing more into customer service by ensuring consumers are not just buying their goods but have a reason to come and shop again due to good shopping experience. This has been through having well trained and friendly staff, quick feedback on online platforms, loyalty points cards, time efficiency among others.   

Variety of products  

Due to the increased innovation and economic dynamics, many shoppers are becoming more adventurous and are ready to test other quality products away from their loyal brands. This means retailers are becoming more aware of what products to offer and still maintain good turnover sales.

Hygiene and Shelf arrangement  

Supermarket format redesign done well, for instance, to accommodate a wide selection of goods within eye’s reach, can potentially boost sales by 10 to 15 per cent as well as customer satisfaction. A few retail firms have learnt this trick and are already setting resources aside for revamping their retail spaces like ensuring they are well-lit and attractively-designed.

Quick online delivery services

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was an increase in delivery services due to the restrictions that had been put in place. This saw retailers invest more on online delivery services to ensure customers enjoyed the end-to-end service at the shortest time possible. Most retailers have partnered with as many online delivery apps as possible.

Ample and affordable parking

With an increasing middle class, most Kenyans are driving. And to give them a reason to shop at any supermarket, ample parking is now not an option. Many stores are investing heavily on parking at an affordable fee while others for free. A parking area isn’t just for enhancing customer accessibility. It can also make your business operation smoother and more efficient.