Discussing finances is very essential for every relationship; it is important to understand your partners’ needs, their spending habits, and their saving habits. Discussing where you are financially fosters a healthy relationship.

It is also important to take note of some negative financial attributes in a partner that can be both emotionally and financially draining. Having different views on finances may lead to disagreements that can also be challenging.

Here are four financial red flags to be on the lookout for in a relationship:

Borrowing money from people a lot

Everyone has bad days and it is okay for one to find themselves in a bad spot, the challenge comes up when your partner is constantly borrowing money from people such as family and friends. This goes ahead to show some sort of dependency on other people, or even worse, if they don’t pay back the money on time, it shows irresponsibility. If your partner is constantly showing dependency on other people, then you should have that conversation with them and see how to go about it.

They never want to talk about finances

If your partner constantly gets defensive when you bring up financial issues then there is clearly a problem. In every relationship, it is important for your partner to be open about discussing topics such as your money spending habits as a couple. Constantly refusing to discuss finances is a sign of someone who is hiding something. Even when you may be going through financial challenges, it is important to talk about them, in order to think of a way forward.

An obsession with looking rich

People who have a problem with pleasing others are the ones who have this challenge. In most cases, they may want to please someone who has more money than them or to try and fit into a specific group. In case you notice such traits in your partner, it is important to talk to them about it and if it does not change, you can end the relationship. This is because an obsession with looking rich leads to excessive debt, and this will make wealth creation impossible since any money the person makes goes into debt repayment. Thus, this is an important red flag to be on the lookout for because it is not fair for you to be financially strained, for your partner to maintain a non-existent image.

Financially controlling behavior

In every relationship, both people should have a say when it comes to decision-making, especially when it comes to finances. When it comes to your income or career, your partner should not be making any one-sided decisions without your permission. This may lead to controlling behavior which may look like; forcing you to support their plans financially, using emotional/physical abuse when you spend your money among others. Controlling behavior may lead to a very toxic situation where someone feels like they have control over your life.

Relationships are not just about love and cute dates, it is important to discuss finances, especially when you are planning on being with the person long-term. These kinds of discussions ensure that you are on the same page with your partner, and you have the same priorities. This makes the relationship work, as there is nothing to hide or no topic that you are too shy to discuss. Therefore, if you have seen any familiar financial red flag, then it is probably time to have that conversation.