An independent analysis done and published by the Nation Media Group in February 2024 showed that the real value of payslips in Kenya has fallen by nearly a quarter since 2019 due to inflation and the ever-increasing taxes.

This has resulted in Kenyans resorting to digital loans to bridge the gap. All these make the need to budget even more important. Here are budgeting tips to help you stay afloat financially as a salaried Kenyan:

Sort out the basics

Have a budget and track your monthly spending on transport, food, rent, internet, electricity, water, garbage bills, monthly shopping, etc. Technology can help you automate. Check out the different app stores for budgeting apps.

Save up to a month of your living costs

Emergencies do crop up, and it’s best to be prepared. You should save this money in a super accessible place for ease of access.

Build up your emergency fund

The best-case scenario is to have 6 months of your current salary as a buffer from huge shocks, for example, a job loss. Consider it your rainy-day stash and put it in a semi-accessible vessel like MMF, where it earns interest.


Saving is good, and investing is the next step. The power of compounding is phenomenal, and the sooner you start, the more your money grows. Talk to your financial advisor or your bank for possible options.

Finally, pay yourself

You work hard for your money. Treat yourself to whatever makes you happy. Also, invest in yourself – learn a new skill or have a hobby – for the future.

Bonus tip

Look for additional ways to make money to supplement your income, as every little cent counts.