We are still in the month of love and chances are, you’ve been bombarded with the stereotypical gifts that include chocolate, wine and flowers or socks and a wallet from your partner. This year however you can steer away from the formulaic gifts and surprise your significant other with gifts that add on to his or her financial well-being.

Here are three financial gifts you can gift your partner in this month of love.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

If your partner is into technology, then cryptocurrency is the financial gift for them. Non-fungible tokens or NFTs, are digital assets that represent digital ownership of an asset which could be an image, video, fashion, music, games or memes. NFTs are tied to the cryptocurrency ecosystem and may be stored in a shared wallet with Ethereum or other compatible currencies.

Why NFTs? Because they are unique and can’t be replaced with something else, and something special that only your partner will own in the world. Additionally, depending on the scarcity, NFTs can appreciate in value depending on what the market speculates its value to be.


Shares are a tried and tested investment option and there’s no better time to invest in some good shares in the name of your partner.

Pick a brand that your partner loves and buy some shares, this is bound to make him or her happy and will mark the start of your investment journey together.

Like NFTs your partner can have ownership over a financial asset that can double from the initial investment and have themselves a very nice little nest egg. So, for as low as low as KSh 95 you can purchase shares in companies such as Kapchorua Tea Company Ltd and let your partner know that nothing makes tea as sweet as having them in your life.

Money Market Fund (MMF)

If your partner is new to investing and needs a place to start building their financial assets, then Money Market Funds (MMFs) are the way to go. MMF’s are a low-risk investment which makes it a safer choice for a beginner.

They are highly liquid near-term instruments which include cash, cash equivalent securities, and high-credit-rating, debt-based securities with a short-term maturity.

In Kenya, money market instruments include treasury bonds, treasury bills, corporate bonds, commercial papers, fixed deposit accounts, bank deposits and near cash holding and other high-quality interest-bearing investments.