Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and if you are desperately trying to get away for a bit, then a short but safe vacation might be the perfect way to mark the day with your significant other.

Flowers and chocolates will not compare to these locations, so why not give the ultimate gift of valentine’s day-spending time together- at these select sweet spots either for a romantic afternoon or a relaxing and memorable getaway out of town.

A note on the prices: For places that give their price in dollars we have indicated. The pricing in restaurants will depend on what you are having.

Daigas Edge Lodge

If you are looking to get back in touch with nature, then Daigas Edge Lodge is the perfect getaway for a love-in-the-wild experience. It is a resident only property and consists of luxury rooms built out of recycled shipping containers.

Daigas Edge Lodge. Photos/ Courtesy

The lodge accommodates a maximum of 10 guests giving you the privacy and space to enjoy some quality time with your loved one, unlike in a hotel or a resort. There is a resident restaurant that offers meal selection during the day, and you can enjoy your meal as you enjoy panoramic views of nature and Mt. Kenya.

Daigas Edge Lodge. Photos/ Courtesy

Location: Nanyuki

PRICE: $140 /night

2 guests

Champagne Ridge

What could be more romantic than breathtaking views, amazing sunsets and a chef who whips up the most amazing meals? Champagne Ridge is an incredible getaway to unwind and relax, wine and dine with your loved one above the cliff.

Champagne Ridge. Photo/ Courtesy

You can also choose to bring your chef and bond in the kitchen as you make your favorite meal.

And if you are the outdoorsy type, you can take a scenic hike on Ngong Hills.

Location: Ongata Rongai, Kajiado

PRICE: $266 / night

8 guests 4 bedrooms

The Brandy Bus

Talk about a unique staycation.

The Brandy Bus is an old-school bus that has been refurbished and modelled into a cozy and one of a kind Airbnb home.

It is tucked away in the serene, beautiful suburbs of Karen, and is the perfect place to escape.

The Brandy Bus. Photo/ Courtesy

It’s a double decker bus with two double beds upstairs and two small single beds downstairs that also serve as sofas.

The bus can be booked for $80 a night but prices vary on weekends and with the number of guests.

Location: Karen, Nairobi

Price: $115 per night

6 guests, 2 rooms

Honeymoon Hut

The Honeymoon Hut is a fully furnished cottage en-suite with a full kitchen and required appliances for simple self-catering. What’s more, there are river views and you can even go fishing.

Honeymoon Hut. Photo/ Courtesy

This is rustic-luxury at its finest.

Honeymoon Hut. Photo/ Courtesy

The hut also lets you enjoy beautiful views of nature while hiking or cycling.

Location: Naivasha, Nakuru

PRICE: $136 per night

2 adults

The River House

The River House is a makuti-thatched tree house standing on tilts nthat gives you the “jungle love” experience. You can have this entire house to yourself during the weekend and enjoy nature walks with the comforting sounds of the river nearby. The home is perfect for a staycation with your couple friends and you get to do fun activities together.

Location: Karen

PRICE: $240/ night

6 guests, 4 rooms

The River House. Photo/ Courtesy

If you are not yet in the mood for a vacation, then these restaurants can offer the ambience for a romantic dinner, lunch or brunch.

Tin Roof Café

This unique boutique outdoor cafés are the perfect hideouts with great ambience and delicious home-made delights.

Locations: Lang’ata and Karen

Tin Roof Café. Photo / Courtesy

Pallet Café

This is a garden café that provides good food and fantastic service. The unique thing about it is, it trains and employs disabled people in the foodservice community. 

You can learn a few hand signs or you can write down your food order.

Pallet Cafe. Photo/ Courtesy

Location: Thigiri & New Muthaiga

Casual Dining

Enjoy their date night menu for only Ksh 2, 000 per couple.

Crave Kitchen

Crave kitchen is the perfect spot for a romantic drive out of town for brunch or lunch.

There are live bands that play there occasionally, mostly jazz and country music.

Location: Kikuyu

Casual dining

Crave Kitchen. Photo/ Courtesy

The Wine Shop

This is a hidden gem in the heart of Loresho.

The Wine Shop. Photo/ Courtesy

It’s the perfect location to unwind as you enjoy their wine collection.

Location: Loresho

The Wine Shop. Photo/ Courtesy

The Copper Ivy

The Copper Ivy is a spanking new restaurant with great ambiance, affordable meals, and fantastic aesthetics.

Location:  The Promenade, General Mathenge drive

The Copper Ivy. Photo/ Courtesy