The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) increased the price of super petrol by KSh5.77 per litre, to begin retailing at KSh89.10, a move which will force motorists to dig a little deeper into their already pinched pockets.

Diesel and kerosene users have been spared as the regulator lowered the price per litre of the commodities by KSh3.80 and KSh17.31, respectively. The EPRA attributes the price hike to the increased average landed cost of imported super petrol, thus ending motorists’ three month relief at the pump.

Additionally, the Kenya Revenue Authority is increasing the excise duty chargeable by 5.5 per cent on a wide array of goods including motorcycles, cigarettes and alcohol.

Starting next month, the buying price on spirits will go up by nearly KSh14, while the price of wine will increase by about KSh11, giving Kenya one of the highest tax rates on alcohol on the continent.

Fruit juices, bottled water, cigarettes, and beer are also set to increase in retail price.